Black Panther 2 Chadwick Bosman 2021 Marvel Concept Movie Trailer

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 Black Panther 2 was set to continue the incredible legacy left by the history-making first movie, before the tragic news broke that Chadwick Boseman had died at the age of 43. As fans and the industry mourn the death of Boseman, it’s wholly understandable that neither Marvel nor Disney have commented on what the future holds for the film and the superhero himself. Concern about the sequel remains insignificant in comparison to the feelings of Boseman’s family, friends, and the fans who adore him. When the time will be right to talk about the future of the sequel, who knows, but until the studio gives official word, nothing is known. We do feel that Black Panther 2 is probably still going to happen in some form, but there are no easy answers.

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