Google tests voice matching to secure Google Assistant purchases

Posted by Davoe_D Google Assistant’s Voice Match feature can now secure purchases made through its voice assistant as part of a limited pilot program. A spokesperson from the company confirm to android police that the functionality is new, and is designed to help secure purchases made on smart speakers and smart displays. At the moment, it’s restricted […]

Top Five Android Apps For Making Cartoons 2020

Posted by Davoe_D Making cartoons have been made easier in the couple of years. Unlike before when you have to get to a studio and start painting just to make some animation. Nowadays you can do everything on your android phone.  So today on 9jabestz we are going to look into the Top Android Apps […]

Donald Trump extends Huawei ban through May 2021

Posted by Davoe_D President Donald Trump has extended his executive order banning US companies from working with or buying telecommunications equipment from companies deemed a national security risk until May 2021, via Reuters. While the ban doesn’t explicitly call out specific companies, it’s been used to virtually shut down US operations with Chinese companies like […]

Google spotlights more suspected Oculus VR gadget-scam ads

Posted by Davoe_D Fresh evidence that scam stores are exploiting Google’s Shopping service to appear at the top of its search results has been discovered by the BBC. Two sites offering hard-to-find gadgets at a discount were found to be using bogus checkout facilities that encourage customers to pay via a direct bank transfer.This prevents […]

12 Best Apps for Android 2021[MUST HAVE]

Posted by Davoe_D 12 Best Apps for Android [SEPTEMBER 2021] So here is the list of best Apps of this Month Below: – 1- Filterbox – Pro Notification Manager FilterBox – Pro Notification Manager Price: Free+  Filter is the Pro Notification Manager which allows you to Restore the 20 recent notification you dismissed back to the system […]